Mission Darkness™ EMF Blackout Beanie

The Mission Darkness™ EMF Blackout Beanie is the world’s most advanced radiation shielding beanie that provides a barrier between your head and harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequencies (RF) coming from mobile devices, cell phone towers, smart meters and other sources. The Faraday liner on the inside has two layers of high-shielding TitanRF™ Flex Faraday Fabric, which is lab tested and certified to shielding effectiveness standard IEEE 299-2006.

  • Reduces exposure to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS & cell signals including 5G, with average attenuation of 90+dB from low to 40GHz

  • Breathable, lightweight & flexible
  • Dual-layers of TitanRF EMF shielding fabric

  • Accommodates most adult heads – up to 58cm circumference



In stock

In stock


  • Stylish EMF radiation shielding beanie (long knitted cuff style)
  • Lined with TitanRF™ Flex Faraday Fabric, a flexible nickel and copper composition high-shielding fabric offering EMF radiation protection (two layers included for increased shielding)
  • TitanRF™ Flex Faraday Fabric is lab tested and certified by accredited Keystone Compliance Laboratory to shielding effectiveness standard IEEE 299-2006, with average attenuation of 90+dB from low to 40GHz (see testing report https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1018/3105/files/2002-277ED-6_Goal_Zero_Report.pdf?v=1602785708)
  • Provides warmth while protecting your head from low and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation
  • Reduces exposure to radio frequency signals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and cell signals including 5G networks
  • Discreet shielding liner cannot be seen from the outside
  • Comfortable for extended wear in all types of weather and environments
  • Black exterior material is a flexible nylon and polyester blend, with the “MD” logo patch sewn on the front

Why EMF Protection in a Beanie?

As cell phone and electronic device capabilities increase, so does the amount of EMR/EMF they emit. Your daily routine likely has you exposed to staggering amounts of EMF, which can be absorbed through your body and harmful at certain levels. The truth is that the long-term effects of high frequency signal exposure, from sources such as 5G radiation, are still unknown because the general public has not been exposed to these types of frequencies for long periods of time. This is why so many people are incorporating shielded clothing, rooms, etc., into their lives—they would rather be safe than sorry.

We are doing our part to offer shielding solutions for this preventative measure. You cannot always control the radio frequency signals you come into contact with, but you can use barriers like shielded clothing to reduce your exposure. The high-shielding fabric used in this beanie is backed by years of signal-blocking excellence.

Who Uses It?

Individuals react to EMF differently and some require protection from various frequencies that surround them in everyday life. The stylish and shielded beanie is designed for individuals with EMF sensitivity, health concerns, as well as the growing population seeking to reduce their exposure to EMF/EMR. Little precautions, such as wearing shielded clothing, can make a big difference in EMF protection.


Internal Dimensions

  • Fold-over beanie style cap can stretch to fit over ears and forehead and accommodate most adult heads (may fit older youth) – up to 58cm circumference.

How Do You Know This Works?

Bonus Faraday Testing Pouch Included!

The package includes a Faraday testing pouch constructed out of TitanRF™ Flex Faraday Fabric (the same shielding material used in the beanie), so you can use the Mission Darkness app to test the signal blocking capabilities of the material yourself! A full Faraday cage, like the pouch, is required to perform this test. Read the testing instructions for further details.

*Note: Faraday beanies are intended for reducing EMF/EMF exposure and are not a Faraday cage, meaning that they will not fully block cell signals if you wrap your phone inside.

Scientifically Proven Performance — Lab Tested and Certified to Confirm Shielding Effectiveness Standards IEEE 299-2006

The TitanRF™ Flex Faraday Fabric lining the beanie has been tested and certified to confirm shielding effectiveness standards IEEE 299-2006. The shielding effectiveness test was conducted by Keystone Compliance, a full-service regulatory compliance laboratory offering solutions for nearly all EMC/EMI, environmental, ISTA-certified package and ingress protection testing requirements.

IEEE 299-2006 is the standard test method for measuring the effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding enclosures and materials. The TitanRF™ Flex Faraday Fabric is advertised as a material that can be used to block the frequency range most mobile devices and electronics transmit/operate within. To provide validation for this claim, the shielding effectiveness test measured how well the fabric shields frequencies between 1.5GHz to 40GHz. The positive test results provides authentication of its shielding abilities.

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