edec digital forensics

  • 2nd Generation Premium Faraday Bags
  • Unsurpassed Signal Attenuation – up to 100dB

  • Quad Layer Faraday Construction with Thermo Welded Seams

a new generation of emf protection

OffGrid products protect your privacy, data security, health and freedom.

Signal blocking products provide the best protection available to secure your privacy and data by isolating your digital devices from RF signals so you can’t be tracked, hacked, or identified.

OffGrid shielding products prevent the skimming of personal and financial information from cards and identity documents, and protect you from RF signal radiation, while data blockers enable you to safely charge your devices while blocking data exchange and malware.

OffGrid manufacture their products with high quality materials to maximize device protection, and advanced fabrication technology to avoid defects that can compromise performance. OffGrid’s designers adhere to minimalist design that maximizes utility while providing the device protection relied upon by the military and law enforcement.

Offgrid major customers

1 | Magnetic Single Fold Enclosure

Devices can be quickly enclosed or accessed with the streamlined magnetic, single-fold velcro sealing system.

2 | Stitchless Design

Thermo welded stitchless seams eliminate gaps in the signal-blocking barrier to maximize shielding strength and minimize wear and tear.

3 | Thermo-Welded Seams Quad-Layer Ripstop Faraday Construction

OffGrid's durable design includes four layers of military-strength Faraday material combined with water and dust resistant ripstop fabric.

4 | Water & Dust Resistant Fabric

Woven ripstop fabric is specially reinforced to be tear-resistant for increased durability.



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