• The Air Tube Advantage: Sweet Sounds without the EMF

    Published On: February 19th, 20243.7 min read

    The Air Tube Advantage: Sweet Sounds without the EMF In our modern era, where technology reigns supreme, our constant exposure to electromagnetic fields

  • Safeguarding Electronics – The Threat of High Energy Pulses

    Published On: January 21st, 20247.7 min read

    Safeguarding Electronics: The Threat of EMP, HEMP, CME & Solar Flares, and the Protective Power of Faraday Bags In our interconnected world, where

  • Behind the Shield: Faraday Bags Are Not Created Equal

    Published On: June 3rd, 20234.3 min read

    In an increasingly connected world, the need for robust data protection is paramount. Faraday bags have emerged as a reliable solution to safeguard electronic

  • Military-Grade Faraday Bags: A Solution to Halting Geofencing

    Published On: May 23rd, 20234 min read

    In our technologically advanced world, privacy and security have become increasingly paramount. With the rise of geofencing, a location-based service, concerns surrounding personal

  • What is a Faraday Bag

    Published On: May 12th, 20232.1 min read

    Faraday bags, also known as Faraday cages, are devices that are designed to shield electronic devices from electromagnetic interference. These bags are made

  • OffGrid Keyfob Fold Faraday Bag

    Published On: April 26th, 20231.8 min read

    OffGrid, a leading provider of high-quality Faraday bags and accessories, has announced the release of its latest product: the Keyfob Fold Faraday Bag. This

  • Secure Your Crypto: Benefits of Using a Faraday Bag

    Published On: April 24th, 20233.5 min read

    Cryptocurrency, a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security, has gained popularity over the years as a decentralized form of currency

  • What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

    Published On: April 3rd, 20233.6 min read

    Understanding the frequency spectrum is crucial in comprehending the nature of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF). By delving into the spectrum,

  • Next-Level Protection Beyond 5G Frequencies

    Published On: March 20th, 20232.2 min read

    We have received inquiries regarding the efficacy of the Faraday Bags we distribute in shielding devices from 5G signals. At Custodi, we value

  • Mission Darkness™ Dry Shield Backpack 40L

    Published On: March 2nd, 20231.5 min read

    The Mission Darkness™ Dry Shield Faraday Backpack 40L completely blocks all wireless signals and keeps large electronic devices shielded to prevent hacking, tracking,

  • Mission Darkness™ FreeRoam Faraday Belt Bag

    Published On: March 2nd, 20231.8 min read

    Welcoming the newest member of Mission Darkness™ faradaynproducts - the FreeRoam Faraday Belt Bag - the perfect accessory for EMF and data protection when

  • Mission Darkness™ FreeRoam Faraday Backpack

    Published On: March 1st, 20231.3 min read

    The Mission Darkness™ FreeRoam Faraday Backpack combines military strength shielding with consumer aesthetics to offer a functional solution for protecting laptops and mobile


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