All cellphones, and smartphones (to an even greater degree), give off non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) – comprised of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation.

RF radiation consists of the cell signal, Bluetooth and WiFi, while ELF radiation is generated by phone’s hardware (electrical components). This radiation is absorbed into the body, usually through body tissue situated at or near where the cell phone is held.

Most modern cellphones have between 5 and 6 main internal antennas – being, Voice, Data, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile Hotspot, NFC (Near Field Communications), FM radio, and RFID. These are continuously pulsing in order to connect to their specific frequency transmitter. This pulsing means you are constantly being exposed to RF & ELF radiation from your phone.

Most people carry their cellphones right on their bodies or very close to their bodies. Men tend to carry their phones in the pockets of their pants, shirts or jackets; women carry them in their handbags, pants and some even in their bras (PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!).


As the above image shows, this close contact could be extremely dangerous long-term. There are peer-reviewed studies (not funded by the cellphone industry) that show a direct correlation between cellphone contact with the body and development of cancers & tumours (see The BioInitiative Report for more information).

Our children are even more vulnerable to the effects of cellphone radiation, as they have thinner skulls that allow higher levels of harmful EMF to penetrate into their still developing brains.

If you choose to carry a cellphone with you, we highly recommend keeping it in a supreme quality faraday bag. When buying a Faraday Bag, make sure it is certified to a standard that ensures protection from the full spectrum of harmful frequencies emitted by phones and other electronic devices, and that the certification is provided by a reputable independent testing laboratory.

Uncertified faraday products may not provide the protection you need. We tested one bag that declared itself to be “military grade” and when we put a phone inside, it rang – clearly not doing the job it is meant to do.

Both Mission Darkness™ and OffGrid® faraday products are lab certified, are used by the military and other security agencies around the world. Both offer ultra-high protection and are the most advanced faraday products in the world.

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