IBRAIN Air Tube Anti-Radiation Headphones FC31


The IBRAIN Air Tube Anti-Radiation Headphones FC31 adopt triple EMF radiation protection technology to protect users from harmful radiation being emitted into the ears when using mobile phones or other electronic devices. The protection effect is so good that almost 99% of the radiation is blocked.

Different from normal earphones, the loudspeaker is not set in the earbuds, so there is no electromagnetic field inside. This helps to prevent EMF radiation from harming people’s heads and ears directly. A must have if you are concerned about the radiation emitted by normal and bluetooth earphones.

  • Loudspeaker: 6mm diameter, 16Ω, 94±3dB
  • Microphone: -42±3dB

  • 3.5mm Jack connection

  • Blocks up to 99% of the EMF radiation

  • Air tube length: about 31cm; Total length: about 154cm



In stock

In stock

3.5mm to USB C

3.5mm to Lightning

plug adapter types

This Air Tube headphone comes with a standard 3.5mm plug. If your phone or device does not have a standard 3.5mm plug, you will need to purchase a suitable adapter. These are available from most major computer products retailers, such as Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming, or PB Tech.

The Air Tube Advantage: Navigating EMF with a Speakerless Design

Air Tube Headsets were invented to address the growing concern surrounding our constant exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by electronic devices. These innovative headsets prioritize brain health by minimizing direct EMF transmission to our heads, particularly to the delicate tissues of the brain. Unlike traditional headsets with in-ear speakers and straight cables, Air Tube Headsets utilize air tubes as a buffer, creating a physical barrier that significantly reduces EMF exposure. This unique design ensures that users can enjoy crystal-clear audio without compromising their well-being.

Unlike traditional headsets, the speakers are set in a capsule at the start or the air tube. This reduces the adverse effects of harmonics on sound quality – making the sound clearer, and because the sound spreads in the air tubes, it can bring a stronger stereo experience.

1. Earbuds Free of Magnetic Field

There is no loudspeaker in the earbuds, which means there is no magnetic field generated in the earbuds. Thus, the harm to people’s eardrums and brains brought by EMF radiation can be significantly mitigated. Tests have shown an up to 99% reduction in EMF.


The innovative design of the Air Tubes works to isolate EMF radiation. Because the Air Tube extends the distance between the speaker and the earbuds, it attenuates (weakens) the radiation before it gets to your ears.

3. Metal Shielded Wire

It’s made of strands of fine and pure copper wire, which can prevent the transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves along the wire, achieving quite good radiation protection and enabling an output of high sound quality. Besides, it strengthens the tensile intensity and extends the service life of the earphone.

the Speakerless Design of Air Tube Headsets

Eliminating In-Ear Speakers: One of the key features of our Air Tube Headsets is the absence of traditional in-ear speakers. By removing this component from the immediate vicinity of your ears, we break the direct pathway for EMFs, minimizing the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure.

Utilizing Air Tubes as a Buffer: Instead of a straight cable connecting to in-ear speakers, these headsets employ Air Tubes. These tubes act as a buffer, creating a physical separation between your ears and the source of potential electromagnetic radiation. This design significantly reduces the transmission of EMFs, contributing to a safer listening experience.

How Wound Copper Wire Makes a Difference

Creating a Physical Barrier: The wound copper wire acts as a barrier, mitigating the direct transmission of EMFs to your ears. This distance significantly decreases the potential harm caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Effective Signal Transmission: Despite the increased distance, the wound copper wire ensures efficient signal transmission, maintaining high-quality audio performance. It’s a win-win situation – protection without compromising on sound quality.

Reducing EMF Exposure Significantly: Studies have shown that the use of wound copper wire in audio devices can lead to a substantial reduction in EMF exposure compared to traditional setups. This makes Air Tube Headsets an intelligent choice for those who prioritize both audio quality and well-being.


AirTube headsets are constructed differently from a standard wired headset. They consist of two sections – the wound copper cable and the Air Tube itself. Because the speakers are in the middle, they become a potential source of weakness, so these should never be grabbed to pull the cable out.

Please ensure that when extracting from bags, drawers, pockets etc, you don’t pull too hard at the headset as this will cause it to break and come apart. Ensure that your AirTube headset remains free from tangles and always handle with extra care to extend the life of the headset and to not void your warranty.